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Data is changing the way that decisions are made in all areas of life. We are entering into a new era of predictive science of hiring. Within a decade, hiring systems will be able to make decisions with unprecedented levels of accuracy due to their ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of data and optimize the system in real-time using closed loop analytics. RightHire is poised to forge new pathways in the areas of predictive analytics that can help companies consistently make good hiring decisions.

Dr. Charles Handler, Founder, Rocket-Hire

I've been involved in a lot of applied projects and I can state with confidence that RightHire's predictive algorithms are orders of magnitude more sophisticated than others that have a commercial focus.

Mark Glickman, Research Professor of Health Policy and Management, Boston University
Visiting Professor of Statistics, Harvard University
Chairman, United States Chess Federation Ratings Committee

We worked with RightHire to assess around 40 junior software tester employees using their assessments to understand the statistical correlation between these testers' assessment scores and the overall job performance ratings as provided by their managers.

We were very happy to find a great correlation, which tells us that RightHire's assessment system is correctly identifying and measuring the personal characteristics required to perform the job well for this type of position. We now feel confident about using RightHire's assessment system across all types of positions in our company.

CEO, Cigniti Technologies 3rd largest independent software testing company in the world

We tested five employees of different job types (IT Project Manager, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Software Developer, Financial Analyst, and IT Business Analyst) using RightHire to see if the assessment results aligned with our evaluation.

We are happy to strongly endorse RightHire because the assessment results exactly matched what we thought about these employees on the cognitive abilities and work personality fit with the particular type of jobs for which they were hired. We feel confident using RightHire to test shortlisted job applicants for all the jobs we hire.

President, NFINITY, LLC IT Consulting Company

RightHire’s assessment is immensely helpful in separating wheat from the chaff and most importantly, it helps in making sure that the candidates that you plan to hire have the necessary occupational skills. I have found it extremely useful in hiring members of the Inside Sales Team and would like to use it for our future hiring needs.

CEO, Kairos Technologies Inc. IT Consulting Company

We tested RightHire's assessment system on two accounting clerks, and we are happy to say that the results of the assessment matched what the manager knew about these employees. We now feel confident about using Righthire's assessment system to test job applicants for our open positions.

Director of Human Resources A leading Building Materials supplier in Mid-Atlantic

We tested RightHire on one Software Architect. We are happy to say that the results of the assessment matched what I knew as a manager about this employee.

We now feel confident about using RightHire's assessment system to test job applicants for our open positions!

Rupa Vasireddy REAN Cloud