About the Company

Who We Are

RightHire was founded in March 2011 by a diverse team of scientists, business executives, and HR professionals with the goal of building legally-defensible pre-employment assessments for any job more quickly and cost effectively than is possible with traditional methods.

As professionals working in large companies, we have worked with assessment vendors to custom-build assessments for jobs.

We discovered two issues:

  • It was difficult, if not impossible, to build legally-defensible assessments that included cognitive abilities for jobs where we had only a few employees working in that job as we could not statistically validate these assessments with only a few incumbent employees
  • When we had a large number of employees working in the job (100+ employees), it took us around 2 months and $30 K in employee time, consulting fees, and expenses to purchase tests to build an assessment for a single job.

When working with small & mid-sized businesses, we have attempted to purchase assessments from vendors instead of custom building the assessments for each job.

This uncovered two problems:

  • Some vendors attempted to sell us pre-built/off-the-shelf assessments such as a General Mental Ability test saying that it was useful in predicting future job performance for any job, creating legal liability for us (not the vendor) and causing poor candidate experience because of the general nature of such a test.
  • Other vendors attempted to sell us assessment platforms containing cognitive abilities with the promise that we could custom-build assessments for any job even when we had only a few employees working in that job, which is false marketing because such an approach does not produce legally-defensible assessments. There are a number of vendors in the industry who sell assessments that are not legally defensible to employers, especially small and mid-sized employers who may not have an I/O Psychologist on staff who can advise on the legal implications. Ultimately, the legal liability rests on the employer, but because EEOC/OFCCP complaints from candidates related to using pre-employment assessments are rare, these vendors are able to get away with selling sub-par products.

We started RightHire to solve the above mentioned problems that we experienced working at both larger and smaller employers, through the development of a novel and patent-pending synthetic validity assessment system built on top of U.S. Department of Labor O*NET database.

Using our platform, you can custom-build an assessment that is likely more legally defensible, highly predictive, and does not cause poor candidate experience 20x faster than it would take you to build using the current methods. Additionally, you can custom-build an assessment for any job, not just jobs where you have a large number of employees (typically at least 100) working in the job.

Our assessment platform also comes bundled with pre-built off-the-shelf assessments for 954 occupations in all industries and business functions. When your job is similar to one of these 954 occupations, you don’t need to custom-build an assessment – instead you can select the pre-built assessment and start using it immediately.

Our Team

Core Members

Sunil Kosuri
CEO & Founder
Bob Dolan, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
Piers Steel, Ph.D.
Chief Innovator
Colin Lee, Ph.D.
Systems Architect
Dave Mayers, Ph.D Candidate
VP of Business Development

Scientific Advisors

Fred Oswald, Ph.D.
Calvin Hoffman, Ph.D.

Business Advisors

Praj Patel
John Burke
Doc Parghi
Samir Palli

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