Get the Best from these Unbiased and Credible Resources

Guides & Resources

There are many excellent resources on the Internet from unbiased and credible sources that you should read prior to purchasing an assessment platform. Therefore, instead of building our own collateral that may appear biased, we decided to point you to these resources.

Items below will be updated continuously as we find new resources to help you.

Assessment Decision Guide

Sources: Office of Personnel Management & U.S Federal Government
Although this guide was developed as a resource for federal agencies designing assessment strategies to fill critical vacancies at all levels, the principles are equally applicable to commercial entities. The guide includes information on personnel assessment, assessment methods, and assessment strategy design.

Pre-hire Assessment Primer

Sources: Bersin & Associates
The goal of this report is to provide a fundamental understanding of pre-hire assessments today, and offer guidance and advice that will help organizations to implement a successful prehire assessment program.

Selection Assessment Methods

Sources: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
This is an excellent and well-written guide for implementing formal assessments to build a high-quality workforce.

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

Sources: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Justice
The Uniform Guidelines apply to all selection procedures used to make employment decisions, including written tests, interviews, review of experience or education from application forms, résumés, work samples, physical requirements, and evaluations of performance. Employment decisions include, but are not limited to, hiring, promotion, demotion, membership (e.g., a labor organization), referral, retention, and licensing and certification (to the extent that licensing and certification may be covered by Federal equal employment opportunity law). Other selection decisions, such as selection for training or transfer, may also be considered employment decisions if they lead to any of the decisions listed above (see sections 2B and 16Q in the Uniform Guidelines, and Question 6 within Questions and Answers.

Video – Adding New Users

Sources: RightHire
Learn how easy it is to add new users in RightHire

Video – Creating Fully Customized Assessment Templates

Sources: RightHire
Learn about creating fully customized assessment templates in RightHire

Video – Creating Off-The-Shelf Assessment Templates

Sources: RightHire
Learn about creating off-the-shelf assessment templates

Video – Customizing Pre-Built Assessment Templates

Sources: RightHire
Learn how to customize pre-built assessment templates

Video – Interpreting Selection Reports

Sources: RightHire
Learn how to interpret selection reports

Video – Launching Selection Assessments

Sources: RightHire
Learn how to launch selection assessments