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Colin Lee, Ph.D.

Core Member — Systems Architect

Dr. Lee has developed the synthetic validity engine of the RightHire assessment system, building on the ideas of the team and its scientific advisers in general, and Prof. Steel in particular.

Besides his work at RightHire, Dr. Lee conducts research on topics at the intersection of Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, and Careers. He leverages recent developments in data extraction, normalization, and processing in order to provide insight into how people can be matched to work, and to develop tools that help with the dissemination of academic knowledge. His work has been lauded with several esteemed academic grants and prizes. Outside academia, Dr. Lee is best known for his research on predicting applicant pre-selection, for which he analyzed ATS and CV data from a staggering 441,769 applicants.

Dr. Lee earned his Ph.D. at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, in the Netherlands, with a dissertation on leveraging Big Data.