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Why Choose RightHire?

Hire and Retain Only the

Very Best Talent Out There

RightHire allows you to rapidly screen applicants based on work personality characteristics and cognitive abilities to narrow down the pool of talent that is interviewed. Combining RightHire assessments with your own evaluation of technical skills and cultural fit will provide the quickest and most comprehensive hiring experience available anywhere.

In this example…

8 Candidates Where Assessed

After a hundred applicants are prescreened for technical qualifications, your hiring team has culled the list of potential hires to the top 25. After a round of phone calls you determine there are really only 10 that would fit the culture of your organization, but you just don't know how they would perform under pressure. You send each candidate a RightHire assessment and 8 reply.

Cut out the bad hires from the start…

Eliminate Assessed Candidates From Being Interviewed

Don't be fooled by a glowing resume or charming demeanor. Avoid making the wrong hire by using RightHire's assessment-based recommendations to eliminate poor candidates from your interview process. In this example TWO potential candidates have been marked as NOT RECOMMENDED

Make the most of your interviews

Save Time With Your Top Picks

Waste as little time as possible with RightHire's assessments and get back to doing what you do best. By using RightHire's recommendations, your hiring team can bring in just the TOP THREE picks of the litter. You can trust in the scientific research behind our technology and confidently run your favorite candidates through a final screening process.

Enjoy the Right Hire…

with an Increase in Productivity and Higher Engagement

Through your hiring process, with the help of RightHire, you have found the perfect candidate to fit your organization and grow the company. Take out the hassle of hiring the right candidate with this revolutionary technology.

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Save Time
& Money

Shave off nearly 40% of your
team’s time during the hiring
process with our assessments

Bad Hires

Avoid bad hires by eliminating
nearly 40% of candidates that are
unlikely to succeed


Large scale studies have shown
that nearly 1 in 2 fail to
meet expectations


RightHire has added a powerful and intelligent screening element to our hiring process. With very little effort, we are able to identify the small subset of applicants that have the cognitive abilities and personality required by a particular job. It’s a huge time-saver and has resulted in the hiring of higher quality employees.

Yaacov Silberman
Yaacov Silberman, Founding Partner & COO, Rimon Law (https://rimonlaw.com/team/yaacov-p-silberman)

RightHire helps us find suitable candidates, conduct focused interviews, and enhance our recruiting process by helping collect objective and dependable information on our prospective workforce. By using RightHire, we have saved time, reduced turnover, and improved our quality of hires.

Sandra Hetemi
Sandra Hetemi, Human Resources, Modern Beauty Supplies (https://www.modernbeauty.com/)

RightHire has presented the Hamilton Tiger-Cats with a creative, user-friendly tool that combines scientific and analytical data to assist in overall hiring processes. It offers us the ability to customize templates depending on which role and department we are targeting. The assessments track cognitive and personality traits, providing extensive quality feedback when differentiating whether or not an applicant will excel in a given role. In addition, other important aspects such as ‘percentage of long term success’, and ‘candidness rating’ are provided, which are extremely helpful considering these are unknown factors in basic interview processes. It is very clear that this program has helped our organization discover, and hire, higher quality employees.

Shaun Guest
Vice President, Sales & Revenue at Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Why Choose RightHire?



Pre-built assessments for 950+ O*NET occupations allow you to sign-up and start screening candidates within minutes.

Custom assessments for unique occupations can be built and deployed 20X faster than other technologies on the market today.



Administer any combination of Cognitive Abilities, Work Personality, and Soft Skills assessments.

Deploy assessments across one or more stages of your recruiting process and leverage the assessment data to increase both efficiency and effectiveness.



Our comprehensive assessments cover difficult-to-measure job-specific competencies, allowing you to take a whole-person approach and hire employees with better engagement, performance, and retention.

Our assessments are built on a research-proven foundation of job analysis and synthetic validity and should be legally defensible, providing you peace of mind.

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